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Xombi (1994) #8


So apparently the title, Xombi, isn’t just a riff on zombie, but some way of describing David Kim. We learn about it from the latest bunch of new characters Rozum adds this issue. I don’t think he goes a single issue without introducing two new characters. Here it might be four.

Again, not much of the comic has really to do with David. He’s again moving through a situation he doesn’t belong in and, with all the new supernatural elements, one wonders if he’s even one of the more interesting characters anymore. The guy with the giant pet lion and the eyes all over his body seems a lot more engaging.

Birch handles all Rozum’s script throws at him—this time it’s a lot more physical than conceptual, but some of the compositions are particularly good. It’s got a real graphic sense to the narrative.

It’s just a tad meandering.

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