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Xombi (1994) #11


So the big revelation this issue? David Kim is kind of an angel. The guest-starring angels, off panel, tell him so. And, just as Rozum has pushed the series as far away from tangible reality as possible, the back matter promises to bring it back. Next issue will feature David’s fiancée, who apparently hasn’t missed him in the last two months since he’s been fighting supernatural beasts.

I’ve been reading Xombi ever hopeful; Rozum had an excellent issue and the writing’s always technically good… he just doesn’t have a story. This issue, in terms of continuity, comes right before the zero issue. Maybe the book will have a creative upswing soon.


Notice I haven’t really talked about the content? It’s because there’s very little there. It’s a lot of action with supernatural monsters. Who cares? I miss the bigger—and funnier—supporting cast.

The book’s seriously downbeat now.

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