Amy Smart stars in MR. STACHE, directed by Jac Schaeffer for American Express.

Mr. Stache (2011, Jac Schaeffer)

Mr. Stache is a little like a “Saturday Night Live” sketch, if they did good ones. The whole thing is done in summary, narrated by Kali Rocha. She sort of sells it—the film’s actually at its best when she, the narrator, starts talking about her own experiences and not the content of the film.

Otherwise, it’s just this genial comedy of acceptance. It’s absurd and relatively pointless, but Schaeffer does a decent job directing the Panavision frame. If there were some product placement, it’d be a great commercial.

Unfortunately, the short also wastes its two leads. I have no idea if Rich Sommer is a good actor. He has one line not dubbed over by the narration and it’s an absurd one. Amy Smart fares a little better, because she actually gets to act even when not speaking.

I think Mr. Stache is supposed to be precious.

It’s not.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Jac Schaeffer; screenplay by Schaeffer, based on a story by John Nash; director of photography, Keith Dunkerley; edited by Tamara Meem; music by Andrew Kaiser; production designer, Kyle Kannenberg; produced by Jennifer Glynn and Schaeffer; released by American Express.

Starring Rich Sommer (Mr. Stache) and Amy Smart (Mrs. Stache); narrated by Kali Rocha.


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