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The Unwritten (2009) #18


No way, Carey answers some questions. Without raising new ones. Well, okay, I guess he sort of hints at some new ones—we get to see the council of evil anti-readers for the first time. They look like Fox News personalities, but they’re meeting in a cave and have secret evil rituals. Okay, I guess I’m not sure it’s unlike Fox News internal business practices.

But the real questions answered have more to do with Tom. Carey positions him to take the active role in the book—which is only fair, since it’s his book and all… though it signals a big change for how the series usually plays out. It’s a welcome turn of events, one Carey introduces as a sort of surprise. More accurately, he sets it up to go anywhere and where he takes it still manages to surprise.

It’s a fantastic, refreshing issue; just great.

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