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Atlas (2010) #5


So, either Parker wanted the story to go six issues or eight. It’s hard to tell. I imagine if it had gone at least six, he wouldn’t have needed the three pages of text he uses in this one to move the story along. As a prose writer… Parker should stick to comic scripting.

As for the final issue… it’s a little defeatist. I imagine Marvel’s unsympathetic to another Atlas series, but Parker kind of throws in the towel for the final few pages.

Nice work all around though—Rosanas and Hardman do well—so does Parker one a story he pencils and inks. Actually, I think Hardman has the most problems, but he’s got the most compressed part of the story.

There are some really good moments in here for the team (Bob’s very non-traditional superhero is a surprise).

I just wish it’d been a stronger series overall.

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  1. Yes, I wish this were a stronger series too. It just goes to show you that unless you notify your readership that are publishing something, chances are they aren’t going to get it. With all the resources Marvel has, it was a damn shame this book didn’t get more readers than it did. I feel sad that so many writers are bringing something different to the table at the big two, and they have no idea on how to make it popular. Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction, Aaron, and now Parker have all shown some chutzpah in their early efforts, but have since been confined to conform their writing to “successful” approaches. Ugh, pass me the pepto, please…

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