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Swamp Thing (1972) #15


Oddly, as Michelinie moves away from the traditional Swamp Thing standards, such as Swamp Thing having a lot of thoughts, he does better. The issue isn’t exactly good, it’s just not as bad as the previous one. It’s bad, but it doesn’t fail at being a Len Wein Swamp Thing.

Michelinie has some really goofy stuff this issue—like Abby acting like she knew Alec Holland. There’s a big continuity snafu and one wonders if the editor was paying any attention when it came to inferred situations. Other goofiness has Abby being a mystic, Matt being able to sway a crazy man’s mind with his logic. The comic’s mildly atheistic (or strongly deist), which is pretty cool for a seventies book.

I think my favorite part might be when Michelinie needlessly refers to Bolt, who’s barely a character anymore, as a “black man” in narration. It’s an eye-roll moment.

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