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Swamp Thing (1972) #14


And now Wein has left too, leaving David Michelinie to clean up the mess.

The mess in question is Wein’s swamp monsters. It turns out they aren’t because of Alec Holland’s serum, rather because of a strange batch of toxic waste dumped in the swamp, which somehow interacted with the Holland formula.

While Redondo’s art just keeps getter better, the writing takes a hit. Even when Wein was at his most talky, nothing compares to Michelinie’s endless narration. He also doesn’t bring much intelligence to Swamp Thing’s thoughts—he doesn’t seem like a brilliant scientist, more like an average joe. Though I guess it’s funny to see Swamp Thing kick somebody in a fight.

Because the story’s about the selfless sacrifice of maligned children, the issue turns out to be somewhat affecting. But Swampy doesn’t come off well. He comes off a little like a selfish jerk.

Still, nice art.

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