A scene from SICK, directed by Mike Rymer.

Sick (2007, Mike Rymer)

Sick shows being earnest doesn’t necessarily mean being good. A lot of other films prove this point, but Sick does it in about fifteen minutes, so at least it’s not time-consuming.

Director Rymer knows how to compose shots—Sick looks great, its production values are quite impressive. He tries hard to write a good script but fails. He’s similarly bad with actors. Both the film’s leads, Alan Breck and Joanna Alexander, get worse as the narrative gets more complicated. There’s also a big twist in the film, at the ten minute mark or so, which fouls up not just the actors, but also how much patience one can have with Rymer.

Great makeup effects though and Alexander is mostly good.

Breck, however, goes from mediocre to bad to worse.

Sick’s first three minutes are as good as it gets, then it’s all downhill. The final scene is particularly awful.

1/3Not Recommended


Written and directed by Mike Rymer; director of photography, Sam Garwood; edited by Rosa Bond; music by Innes Johnston; production designer, Emma Saunders; produced by Christine Hartland.

Starring Alan Breck (Brian), Joanna Alexander (Amanda), Michael Selwood (Ben), Natasha Bain (Dr. Cassey), David Roylance (Dr. Porter) and Peter Wear (Dr. Wormley).


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