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Swamp Thing (1972) #16


Some of this issue’s terrible decisions must be editorially mandated and not all Michelinie’s fault. I’m referring specifically to Conclave head honcho Nathan Ellery coming back from the dead at the end. He fell off a roof a while ago and Batman was going to investigate. Apparently, Batman got busy.

Anyway, other stupid parts is the handling of Matt and Abby, who Michelinie reduce to a cute, dimwitted couple, as well as Swamp Thing getting a couple people killed.

The best part is how indifferent Swamp Thing is in his part in it. This girl saves him and Swamp Thing rewards her by leaving her with some thugs. He walks off without realizing she isn’t following him and she’s executed.

This event occurs in the issue where Swamp Thing thinks to himself how much he cares about everyone.

Michelinie’s writing is atrocious. Even Redondo isn’t trying hard illustrating this tripe.

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