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The Unwritten (2009) #12


Reading the latest side-story issue of Unwritten, all I could think about was how Carey and Gross should never stop the series, they should also spin out some of these side-stories.

I guess they call these side-stories one-shots. Anyway. This one, “Willowbank Tales,” has more than enough promise to hold at least three issues.

It’s about a Wind in the Willows type place—albeit with less literary import—where some guy who wrong Wilson Taylor finds himself exiled. He’s the bunny rabbit and he’s got a foul mouth and plans for committing mass murder if need be to escape.

The issue manages to be funny and touching. Gross, with inker Kurt Higgins, create a precious cast of animals; it’s hard to dislike them, even if they are brainless.

It also gives Carey a chance to riff about the nature of children’s literature for a couple pages.

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