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Planet of the Apes (2011) #1


Damn, Daryl Gregory kills John Huston.

Gregory’s got a rough task—the franchise has always had a confined setting, both in time and place (regardless of jumping around). He remedies it a little… oh, wait, it takes place before the first movie? They use the text paragraph on the indicia and title page for important facts. I never pay attention to those paragraphs.

Anyway, the apes and humans (friends after the last movie in the series—the original series) are undergoing an industrial revolution, which presumably is long gone when Charlton Heston shows up. It makes for a decent, Dickensian setup. Gregory juxtaposes stepsisters (one human, one ape) as the protagonists. Unfortunately, nothing visually differentiates their narration boxes.

I have trouble getting enthusiastic about a Planet of the Apes comic. How monumental can it be when we know Chuck Heston will eventually blow up the planet?

It’s harmless licensed stuff.

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