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Swamp Thing (1972) #7


Swamp Thing arrives in Gotham to save Matt and Abby from the Conclave and runs into Batman. Wrightson doing Batman is something, especially seventies Batman. I love Bruce’s hair, but how does he fit it into the cowl?

Wein finds a great way to integrate Swamp Thing into the DC Universe proper; for a while, as he’s roughing up thugs for information, it’s clear he’d make an interesting pulp hero (which later writers came back to, I think). Wein even avoids most of his regular missteps, maybe because Batman takes up so much of the issue, not Matt. There is one regular Wein moment when Matt’s proud he’s not answering questions under torture (even though he doesn’t know anything).

The issue resolves some of the questions so far—but not why the Conclave’s leader has a pet monkey.

The only serious drawback is Batman gets the conclusion, not Swamp Thing.

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