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Captain America: Man out of Time (2011) #1


Molina’s artwork is truly hideous. It’s goofy and bulky and… it’s indescribably awful. The crisp coloring doesn’t help either.

That complaint made, Man out of Time is actually pretty interesting. Waid makes a serious goof with Cap dictating a report to his superior in his head during his first encounter with the Avengers, but otherwise… huh.

I had no idea what to expect going into the series, but the first issue suggests it’s Cap unbound in time, moving from point to point; Waid’s dealing with the character primarily as an icon. The issue opens with him and Bucky and Bucky’s definitely the one doing the heavy lifting as far as protagonist duties go. It’s post-Brubaker revisionist WWII Bucky, but Waid brings a lot of welcome levity to the character.

It’s like Waid tries to surprise every two pages. He succeeds.

Art aside, I’m looking forward to reading this one.

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