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Swamp Thing (1972) #4


Okay, so this issue confirms Arcane (and Abby) were in the Balkans… so the English-speaking thing is problematic. This issue drops them (Abby, Matt and Swamp Thing) in Scotland on the moors for a bit of an “old dark house” and werewolf story.

Again, the draw is Bernie Wrightson doing a werewolf on the moors comic book. It looks fantastic. For the first time, I’m seeing a little of the Eisner eyes in Wrightson’s work. At times, his faces almost look like Ploog faces out of Werewolf by Night.

And Wrightson never worked with Eisner….

Anyway, the art’s the draw. As a horror comic, Wein’s script is all right. As a chapter in the Swamp Thing story, it’s problematic. Matt’s obsession with Swamp Thing is a little unbelievable and Abby’s barely a character. She doesn’t make a good damsel in distress.

Wein even stumbles on Swampy’s thought balloons here.

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