A shot from RENDEZVOUS WITH RAMA, directed by Aaron M. Ross.

Rendezvous with Rama (2001, Aaron M. Ross)

Ross’s Rendezvous with Rama is student film, but more like an effects demo reel. It’s CG and one actor mixed together. The all-CG shots are better than the composites, which feel very “video.” The all-CG shots have a far smoother move to them.

But it’s also the short film as a movie trailer. I think the Coens made a trailer for Blood Simple to show to investors and Rama almost feels like something similar.

Except Ross messes up the money shot at the end. Admittedly, it’s just a student film so who knows how complex he could get… but the opening, with a bunch of satellite dishes, is complex. Just because the titular Rama (an alien spacecraft) looks like cranberry jelly in outer space—I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be a Star Trek IV homage or not—the money shot shouldn’t fail.

Still, it’s technically impressive.

1/3Not Recommended


Directed by Aaron M. Ross; based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke; director of photography, Josh Nussbaum; edited by Joe Miale; music by Danita Ng and Jason Poss; produced by Jordan Jordre and Jared Krause.

Starring Jens Rasmussen.


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