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Swamp Thing (1972) #2


Wrightson (and Wein) take Swampy to Europe this issue for Arcane’s first appearance. Arcane doesn’t even get a first name here. I say Wrightson first because the art is truly wondrous. He gets to do daytime scenes, so there aren’t any colors muddling his art, and he gets to do the Un-Men and a big, scary Eastern European castle. The issue is beautiful from the first page.

Wein’s writing, as usual, has strengths and weaknesses. The third person narration is particularly overwritten and Matt Cable seems like Wein’s ideal character (the alpha male in pursuit of a fugitive). But he still has the wonderful Swamp Thing arc. I’d forgotten Arcane does give Swampy back his humanity… only for him to decide it’s not worth the price. It’s a great little arc and Wein handles it all beautifully, especially the thought balloons.

The issue’s a fast, lovely, outstanding comic book.

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