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Incognito: Bad Influences (2010) #5


Brubaker goes with a simple conclusion—not out of Tom Strong, but keeping with his Moore fascination on this series, out of Watchmen—and it works. Maybe it doesn’t, I don’t know. He ends the series with a lovely setup for a third Incognito and that setup works and so it just makes me want another one more.

Actually, I should be upset. The entire series was just a setup to get Zack to where Brubaker ends this issue. Brubaker even reveals a certain logic to the series (it takes place over a week) and he could have used it during, having each issue take a day or whatever.

Not only didn’t he use that pacing, he didn’t even mention it being a week or having a particular timeline until the last issue.

Still, it’s hard to be upset. It’s a good trip, with Brubaker avoiding his usual Marvel missteps.

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  1. Yes, while it was frustrating to get drug along for the ride, the peeks into Zack’s possible instability and lack of concrete direction gave this series the oomph it needed to be interesting. It’s been awhile since Brubes made me want to read the next installment immediately, and it helped keep some enthusiasm in me about his writing in general.

  2. Also wanted to mention Phillip’s art. His work with little action scenes, the way he enhances Brubaker’s psychological edge, his continued development of a non grid panel system he devised in the Wildstorm days (that, surprising enough, NO ONE else uses), as well as his continued drawing ability to be able to depict the most with the fewest lines makes him one of the spiritual heirs to the EC generation of artists. Nuff Said!

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