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War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle (2008) #5


Ennis brings back the humor for the finale, but it’s different now. The protagonist isn’t a buffoon anymore, so it changes how the humor can play.

Most of the story takes place on the ground and Chaykin’s able to handle it (he still screws up a flying sequence at the opening of the issue); it also gives Ennis a chance to get away from the airbase. The majority of the issue is actually talking heads, with Ennis again relying on the dialogue to convey the moment. The title’s relevance finales becomes clear in the scene to good effect.

It’s an excellent series, even with the Chaykin art, and one of Ennis’s more academic approaches to comic book writing. One can see how he uses each plot device and development to bring it to the conclusion. The use of humor, in particular, is worth a considered look. Ennis’s writing is fantastic.

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  1. Definitely a success for the Ennis war story epics. Chaykin’s inability to draw dogfights really astounded me, seeing how he was initially influenced by such a master of the form, Alex Toth. Inexplicable. Thank God for Garth Ennis and his ability to carry the load with the written word. And screw Chaykin for not spending the extra ten minutes properly choreographing his aerial battle scenes. Granted, the story wasn’t about the fights, but the jarring inability to convey was was going on in them was inexcusable considering what was paid to do these pages. This could of been perfect, instead it’s not.

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