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DC Universe: Legacies (2010) #2


I didn’t mention this part of the last issue because I was hoping Wein wasn’t going to use it as a plot device, because it’d be stupid. Silly me, apparently he’s going to use it. The narrator has a friend who goes bad. It appears he’s going to show up every issue as a thug, to show how regular people can either be good or bad. It’s awful. Worse, the narrator marries his sister.

Again, it’s Marvels-lite.

Also again… great artwork from the Kuberts. There’s a lot more superhero action this issue and they handle it all very well. In fact, this issue works better, because they’re more suited to Hawkman and Green Lantern than the pulpy heroes last issue.

The Newsboy Legion cameo’s great here, maybe Wein’s best writing on the series so far. The narration’s still bad though.

The Williams illustrated backup is lovely looking, but stupid.

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