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DC Universe: Legacies (2010) #3


Does anyone proofread these? I mean, does Mike Carlin do anything as an editor or just sit around in an office? This issue of Legacies sets the start of the modern superhero—regardless if they want to call it the Silver Age, it’s Superman and Batman—in the mid-sixties or, at latest, late-sixties. It also totally ignores racism in the United States. Apparently Wein and DC think their readers are so out of it, this time lapse isn’t going to be noticeable.

Now, if the series were out of continuity, it would be one thing (of course, didn’t John Byrne already do something called Generations along those lines), but it appears to be a retelling of the DC Universe. Only a really poorly thought-out one.

Garcia-Lopez is good, but I was expecting more. Gibbons’s inks on him just didn’t work.

Same lame Wein dialogue as usual.

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  1. Yes, Gibbon’s rather stiff figure work really grains against the more fluid line work from Lopez and completely sublimates it. I managed to get through about four issues of this before I gave up. A lot of really decent art to basically a rehash of stuff most people reading these already know about.

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