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DC Universe: Legacies (2010) #1


Near as I can tell—down to the old man narrator—Legacies is just DC’s attempt at doing Marvels, only without such a cool name. Scott Kolins does the opening frame, the nice old man with his superhero memorabilia and so on, then they flashback to the thirties and Suicide Slum.

The draw of the issue is the art from the Kuberts. It has a great feel of the era. Len Wein’s narration is atrocious. I mean, it really is like reading Marvels-lite. Or the Marvels sequel, come to think of it. I can’t believe DC did such a weak imitation fifteen years later….

Anyway, the Kuberts beautifully handle the poverty of Suicide Slum, juxtaposing it with the early superheroes. Any art issues are because they’re illustrating a contrived script.

The backup—though Jones’s art is beautiful—is even worse. Wein seems to lose his place in the dialogue.

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  1. The Kubert’s art on this short story was easily one of my favorite art jobs of last year. It is absolutely perfect on all accounts and a primer on how you should illustrate a narrative, such as this narrative is, anyway… Scott Kolins work was pretty sad, he’s discovered photoshop painting, and decided to show us the lackluster results, and make us pay for it.

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