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Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #30


How many references can Bendis fit into one comic? And well. I’m not suggesting they aren’t good references.

Let’s see… “Batman: Year One,” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Bullit.

Lots of Bagley big eyes on Mary this issue. They look like they’re going to take over her head.

Bendis resolves last issue’s hard cliffhanger, but does nothing with the impostor storyline. instead, he sticks to that cliffhanger resolution. Peter’s on the run so he calls Mary to take a cab in and save him. They go to the hospital, then they escape when the cops arrive. It’s all very cinematic and it’s kind of exactly the reason to read Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s fast, Bendis gets in some honest human moments and it’s fun.

It leaves the reader wanting for what comes next. It’s so well-done, I didn’t even notice Gwen is missing (even though she’s bunking at Peter’s).

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