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Joe the Barbarian (2010) #5


As far as I remember, the most emotionally honest Morrison has ever gotten was in We3 when he viscously killed his adorable and likable animal protagonists….

Well, he achieves some more emotional honesty as he needlessly, viscously kills another innocent animal. It’s cheap and it might hurt Disney wanting to turn Joe the Barbarian into a Pixar property (if the Marvel deal already hasn’t), but it does work.

Otherwise, the issue has some major problems. Morrison seems to think a widow and her kid in danger of losing their house are immediately sympathetic. Not even The Goonies just made that assumption—Morrison doesn’t understand making characters more real than just their scenes is important and necessary for forming an emotional connection.

There’s a lot of great art from Murphy this issue (it opens rockily, as Murphy’s doing these flying machines out of The Phantom Menace).

It’s cheap, dumb and effective.

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