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Joe the Barbarian (2010) #4


It’s a little perplexing how much I enjoy the artwork while still don’t enjoy the overall reading experience of Joe the Barbarian.

Morrison apparently really wants a Harry Potter-like franchise with his name on it—this issue adds the romantic interest in Joe’s fantasy world, who may be identical to the girl who’s nice to him at school in reality. I’m not bothering to check, just assuming.

This issue has a lot more fantasy characters introduced. What’s strange about the series is how Morrison assumes his readers will be fantasy readers—who are willing to put up with stupid names and a million characters—and not comic book readers, who put up with stupid names, but like the million characters gradually introduced, not all at once.

The question of the hallucinations comes up but it’s hard, like I said last issue, to care. Regardless of the reveal, Joe’s pointless.

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