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Joe the Barbarian (2010) #6


You know, Morrison spends a lot of time this issue suggesting Joe’s journey through his house is some great metaphor for his life. This issue he attacks his newfound friends, dismissing them as kids from his school. He also runs into an analogue of his mother. Except his mother’s not home during his diabetic hallucination, which means it’s all in his head, analogues and all.

Morrison’s got two more issues of this comic to go—I’m curious if they’ll both read as fast as this one. He’s gotten to the point there’s no content or quest anymore, so the thing just speeds along, even with the artwork. Well, actually, Morrison doesn’t give Murphy much interesting to draw this issue.

As the issue just coasts along, it occurs to me Morrison didn’t actually waste any time before now. I mean, other than the plot itself, he kept on task.

Not here.

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