A scene from THANK YOU MASK MAN, directed by Jeff Hale for John Magnuson Associates.

Thank You Mask Man (1971, Jeff Hale)

I’m not even sure how to describe Thank You Mask Man. It’s a Lenny Bruce routine animated-it’s about the Lone Ranger and Tonto, which isn’t completely clear at the beginning.

At the beginning, it’s more about the idea of a hero and the problem with him not accepting thanks for his actions. He’s too busy being heroic to stop and take a break.

Then once he does stop to take a break, it becomes a problem. Then all of a sudden he wants Tonto (or Tonta as he calls him), because he wants to try gay sex.

At that point, the previously grateful townspeople turn against him.

Bruce raises a lot of questions (some I imagine only Lone Ranger fans can fully appreciate) and does it in a great medium. He gets a lot of laughs while provoking a lot of thought….

Though it is more successful as comedy.



Directed by Jeff Hale; written by Lenny Bruce; edited by Tom Bullock; produced by John Magnuson; released by John Magnuson Associates.

Starring Lenny Bruce.


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