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Thank You Mask Man (1971, Jeff Hale)

A scene from THANK YOU MASK MAN, directed by Jeff Hale for John Magnuson Associates.

I’m not even sure how to describe Thank You Mask Man. It’s a Lenny Bruce routine animated-it’s about the Lone Ranger and Tonto, which isn’t completely clear at the beginning.

At the beginning, it’s more about the idea of a hero and the problem with him not accepting thanks for his actions. He’s too busy being heroic to stop and take a break.

Then once he does stop to take a break, it becomes a problem. Then all of a sudden he wants Tonto (or Tonta as he calls him), because he wants to try gay sex.

At that point, the previously grateful townspeople turn against him.

Bruce raises a lot of questions (some I imagine only Lone Ranger fans can fully appreciate) and does it in a great medium. He gets a lot of laughs while provoking a lot of thought….

Though it is more successful as comedy.



Directed by Jeff Hale; written by Lenny Bruce; edited by Tom Bullock; produced by John Magnuson; released by John Magnuson Associates.

Starring Lenny Bruce.


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