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Joe the Barbarian (2010) #3


So is the kid supposed to be a diabetic? Is that why he keeps talking about needing a soda? I can’t remember if Morrison even established that condition in the first issue. He might may and I missed it because I was too busy paying attention to the rest of the cast.

That cast who, it turns out, are absolutely useless to the comic.

This issue resembles the Aardman movie Flushed Away a lot. Good to see Morrison watches some movies for inspiration.

Joe the Barbarian has hit a nice point where each issue can only get better because Morrison’s already bottomed out the concept. Either the kid’s nuts or he’s not and there will be an intergalactic war. Neither one would make the comic any better or worse.

Again, Murphy wins—as Morrison goes further down the drain, the most exotic fantasy, steam-punk material for Murphy to illustrate.

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