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Joe the Barbarian (2010) #2


So Grant Morrison doesn’t have an editor and Vertigo will publish anything he gives them.

Good to know.

This issue of Joe the Barbarian is both better and worse than the previous one.

Ryan Murphy’s artwork is definitely better, if only because he’s got all these fantastic elements to illustrate. Joe—the protagonist—is hanging out with a jumbo version of his pet rat, who he’s freed from his cage, both in reality and in his delusion. Giant rats are, being rats, cute. So the issue has that cheap element going for it.

However, it has zero story going for it.

Morrison’s big epical storyline this issue is getting the kid to the bathroom to puke (he thinks his head is in a waterfall). The series’s goal is apparently to get the kid downstairs.

I think Morrison wants to get the series optioned by Pixar.

I’ll keep reading to ridicule.

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