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Hellraiser (2011) #1


Okay, the comic is at least a sequel to the first and second movies. I’ve seen some of the other ones, but I can’t remember what happens in them. What’s going on here (if I understand correctly… Barker and Monfette’s attempts at giving the cenobites—if you don’t already know, don’t ask—formal speech is somewhat painful) is Pinhead wants to be human again so he’s going on a question. Juxtaposed is the girl from the first two movies who apparently has gotten a lot better since then (she’s now an artist, painting Pinheads and getting engaged).

Manco does a good job with almost everything… except Pinhead. Manco’s approach is so finished, so photo-referenced, it looks like they’re adding a still to the panels and he’s drawing around it. But the rest of the visuals are strong.

While better than I thought it would be, I wasn’t expecting much.

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