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Bullet to the Head (2010) #4


Matz surprised me this issue. He definitely makes some rather unexpected plot changes—by this issue, Bullet to the Head doesn’t seem anything like where the first couple issues were headed. These developments have made the series strong, even if Matz’s dialogue (the cops are back) is as weak as usual.

Again, it might not be Matz—given the typos, I imagine some unpaid intern at Dynamite handled all the translating.

Unfortunately, Wilson’s art has taken a bit of a hit here, quality-wise. It’s a little more rushed than usual; he’s hurried. Some of the panels should be amazing and they aren’t. The art’s never bad or even close to bad, it’s just not the level I’m used to seeing from Wilson on this series.

Now, the dialogue gets really bad, so it’s hard to see past it… but Matz has come up with a very good plot overall.

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  1. Damn, I don’t even have this one in classic comic format. snif…

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