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Cinder and Ashe (1988) #1


Conway uses a lot of dialect in Cinder and Ashe for his Cajun character. I understand why he uses it—and for a Cajun accent, it makes more sense than for something else, I suppose—but it’s still… dialect.

The issue starts off as an action book, not a private investigator book (the characters are troubleshooters, think “Magnum, P.I.” set in New Orleans with a duo who have a complicated backstory) and the Garcia-Lopez artwork is lovely.

Conway pushes hard to establish his characters as good guys in a bad world, which comes off as a little heavy handed in the first ten pages, but then things get complicated and his writing becomes a little more subtle and affecting.

He seems to be trying to do a serious action crime comic book and he succeeds overall. He’s got three more issues to go though.

Having Garcia-Lopez doesn’t hurt.

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