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The Thessaliad (2002) #1


I do so enjoy Shawn McManus art. His work on this issue of Thessaliad is nice and finished. The way he mixes styles, inviting, almost comic strip-ready art with grotesque (hell hounds losing their flesh but still eating people) is just lovely.

I think as a kid I didn’t appreciate him. I was a dumb kid.

The issue’s fine, though Willingham’s pacing is too fast. He has a likable, jocular narrator and that tone, along with the art, make the read enjoyable… but a little light. We don’t even meet the main characters until the last couple pages. In fact, Willingham baits and switches characters. It’s a nice move and it does pay off to some degree, but he’s pretty much wasted a quarter of his limited series doing some tricks.

Still, it’s hard to complain. McManus’s people art, his scenery, it makes it all worthwhile. Especially the people.

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