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The Bulletproof Coffin (2010) #2


The second issue doesn’t deal with the first’s soft cliffhanger, so I imagine Hine and Kane have something else planned in regards to the protagonist’s family. I’m just hoping they don’t go Truman Show.

This issue has a flashback comic of a crime series, sort of a proto-Punisher. Oddly, even though the character’s a ghost who kills in horrific ways, the introduction of the supernatural and his tone somehow makes him more pleasant. It’s very well-done old comics stuff, though Kane’s style doesn’t really change between it and the feature (i.e. one would never really think it was from 1959, just based on production values).

Hine’s narration seems stronger this issue too (at least, it doesn’t have any more pitfalls).

The comic takes an unexpected turn at the end—and the title now makes sense, something I was expecting to understand in the first one.

It’s smoothly sailing.

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