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The Bulletproof Coffin (2010) #1


Bulletproof Coffin is strange. Hine and Kane set it up as a thriller, possibly a superhero book, definitely with some horror and sci-fi elements. It also ends with the implied scene the protagonist’s sons are going to be mask-wearing psychopaths.

There’s also the meta-fiction aspect—Hine and Kane are off-panel characters in the story, they produced great comics in the sixties before Hine sold out (of course, Hine works for DC and Marvel too, I think). Bulletproof Coffin is definitely very thoughtful and it’s hard to think anything occurs without a definite purpose. By keeping that purpose obscured (the first issue reveals nothing), it gets up one’s hopes Hine and Kane won’t do something stupid.

Kane’s art is sinister and bright. The Silver Age “reprint” in this issue looks great.

Hine brings the problems to the table. Even though it’s intriguing, his narration is occasionally weak.

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