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The Bulletproof Coffin (2010) #3


Okay, so Hine and Kane up the ante a little here. This issue takes the meta-fiction aspect of the comic—where the protagonist interacts with the idea of these comic book creators who share their names with the creators of Bulletproof Coffin—to the next level. Not only is the protagonist, in the “real world,” dealing with them, but they reveal this issue so are the characters in the comic books the protagonist is reading.

The development puts Coffin in a precarious position—if Kane and Hine fail to live up to expectations, the book’ll just plummet.

Hine’s narration is fine now. So fine I forgot it was a problem while reading.

The art is good—it’s nice how the stories crossover (the comic in the comic and the regular story) because Kane’s style matches. Though there’s a little too much nudity for a Silver Age book.

Excellent issue.

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  1. Don’t forget to read the back matter in the books if you’re not already. Fun stuff!

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