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Black Widow (1999) #2


So who shoots her (Natasha) at the end? Is that SHIELD? Why’s SHIELD shooting her?

This issue might be better written than the last. The conversation between Natasha and Matt is nowhere near as bad, though Grayson’s characterization of him as a lech seems a little off. Well, no, it seems a lot off. Grayson makes Daredevil a pig.

What’s striking is how much I hated the art this issue. Maybe I was just being nice to the first issue. Jones draws everyone’s head veiny and fat; the comic is full of hideously ugly people. He doesn’t even bring enough inks to them to make them look interesting. Thin, veiny ugly fat heads. How engaging.

Grayson has an interesting plot development, Natasha doing something unexpected, and it finally makes Black Widow interesting (while hugely problematic)

So interesting it encourages one to check out the resolution.

Shame about the fat heads.

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  1. Go straight to the next BW mini with the Igor Kordey art.

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