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Black Widow (1999) #1


For some reason, I was expecting more from Jones. I wasn’t expecting anything from Grayson (and, oh, did she deliver), but Jones… I thought he’d at least do a consistently good issue.

Instead, it’s like he’s alternating. One panel is good, the next isn’t. He has these terrible eyeglass lenses, which makes Matt Murdock’s cameo doubly painful (Grayson’s dialogue, which is supposed to be romantic banter between Matt and Natasha, is laughably bad). The action scenes are similar. Sometimes he does all right, other times his proportions all of a sudden change. The issue has some well-paced fight scenes, but it ends with this drawn out sequence of Natasha escaping in a truck. Jones turns a page of action into four or five. All wordless too.

Grayson can’t even make it compelling when Natasha runs afoul of her replacement.

I don’t know why, but I thought it’d be better.

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