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Black Widow (1999) #3


Grayson’s back to true form here, with terrible dialogue and sexy smooth talker Matt Murdock. It appears he’s got a cell built in to his Daredevil costume. He shows up towards the beginning, talking to the Black Widow II. I’m sure this story wasn’t Grayson’s idea—maybe someone at Marvel thought it sounded good—but it’s just a stupid plot.

Especially the way the last page suggests all these double-crosses Grayson never even hinted at earlier.

Jones basically has one job this issue. Make a fight scene compelling. He fails miserably. Some of it is his page composition, some of it is just the art.

As for Grayson’s resolution to last issue’s cliffhanger—it’s exceptionally weak. Maybe she thought she needed it to probably weigh a three issue limited series. Regardless, she ruins whatever paltry good will the previous issue earned.

Oh, and when Grayson talks gender, Widow reeks.

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