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Widowmaker (2011) #3


I miss Swierczynski.

McCann does a decent job plotting the issue–there’s a lot of action in it, as well as the investigation into the spy stuff–but it’s a stinker.

First, yeah, I think the Lopezes are trying to make Black Widow unattractive. There’s a weak romance moment for Hawkeye and Mockingbird here too. Strange how McCann started his work on that aspect of the characters so strong and it’s since become a major problem for him. His Mockingbird is an annoying human being.

But the issue’s also cluttered with movie references. Sometimes McCann calls them out, other times he just suggests they’ve been made. It’s a weak crutch pretending to be thoughtful dialogue.

As for the big reveal of the new, evil Ronin?

It flops. My first reaction was “who?”. My second, after hearing his master plan, was wondering if DC would sue over The Losers being plagarized.

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