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Widowmaker (2011) #4


Swierczynski tries a little Mockingbird and Hawkeye romantic banter moment or two and he fails. It’s all right though, because he’s not really hinging much on it. In fact, he’s hinging almost nothing on those two this issue–Black Widow narrates the issue.

There are still the problems with Garcia and Ruggiero. Lots of eyes getting completely inked over, lots of faces being inconsistent when going from close-up to medium shot (and vice versa). There are some mediocre panels and some awful ones, but there’s at least a decent sense of movement to carry it along.

Swierczynski writes Widow and Hawkeye well together (at one point, positioning them against Dominic Fortune and Mockingbird) but the issue is mostly Widow’s. He can’t quite sell his trick ending though–in fact I had to read it twice because it doesn’t make sense.

Widowmaker limps overall, never retaining that first issue enthusiasm.

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  1. I completely missed this one. While I enjoyed the previous Hawkeye/Mockingbird romps, stretching it to a third mini with the added Black Widow was a bit more than I wanted to chew. You are spot on on the artwork, as when I flipped through it, it at times really looked grade C.

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