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Widowmaker (2011) #2


So Marvel is now alternating creative teams on limited series? I’m only mildly complaining–mostly about Ruggiero and Bit’s inks on Garcia, who I thought did better work. Maybe I’m wrong. There’s a lot of problems with faces here (and eyes being totally inked over). It’s not terrible art, but it looks very rushed.

As for Swierczynski taking over writing chores, it’s hard to say. About half the issue is a battle with the Supreme Soviets, with some revelations at the end. It’s a boring fight, partially due to the art, but also because it seems out of place. It’s this big battle scene, not dynamically rendered, and it serves no purpose except to fill pages.

When he gets to the espionage angle, Swierczynski does a lot better. He shows Mockingbird and Dominic Fortune out of the comic halfway through, which helps, to bore elsewhere. His Widow and Hawkeye work.

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