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Girl (1996) #3


Milligan brings Girl to its unexpected and fantastic finish.

In some ways it’s the least visually outlandish issue of the series. Fegredo is confined to a very realistic rendition now. The result is something a little more visually engaging than the other issues. Because the reader finally knows exactly what Fegredo’s supposed to be drawing so he or she can appreciate it better.

Milligan comes up with a great narrative for the issue—it takes place over a couple days—and he still manages to surprise the reader every few pages. Once he sets up the last issue, he still has a couple more revelations in store for the reader and for Simone, the protagonist.

Simone, a first person female narrator written by a man, is one of the strongest female comic book characters I can think of. Milligan doesn’t just masterfully write a comic, he masterfully writes a person.

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  1. Girl was such a great read, all those years ago. It’s such a shame that comics here in America have become such a narrowly focused genre in many ways. The fact that Vertigo did this in their heyday, and you’d never see them publishing books like this anymore almost makes me want to stop reading American comics. I also think Sean Phillips(?) did a great job on the covers. Also hard to believe Phillips and Fegredo, now doing Criminal & Hellboy, have been in comics for so long. Twenty years ago? When was Girl published anyway?

  2. Of course, once I finish my reply, I look up and see Sept. of 1996. That doesn’t feel right though. The time would of meant I carried it in my shop, and i could of swore I got it as a civilian. Ah. memory, how fleeting you can be at times. Also, too bad digital is the omly way you can read this nowadays. Only three issues pretty much means it’s too unprofitable to reprint as a mini trade. Argh!

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