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Girl (1996) #2


Milligan delivers an outstanding issue. One of the greatest things about Girl is how unpredictable he makes the narrative. But it’s more than just coming up with a great cliffhanger to this issue, it’s coming up with a great resolution to the previous issue’s cliffhanger.

In between, Milligan fills in a bunch more about main character Simone’s life. He doesn’t spend a lot of time implying history, more giving her a revealing situation to move through. The final revelation (of this issue)—which Milligan even foreshadows, before playing with the idea of foreshadowing it—forces the reader to reexamine Simone.

Still, with an issue left, Girl is still somewhat up in the air. Milligan’s second issue is even better than his first, so I’m very anxious to see what he does in the third.

Fegredo excels again, making the people outlandish but real. Not to mention his fantastic panel design.

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