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Girl (1996) #1


I suppose there is a little sensationalism in Girl. It takes place in a town called Bollockstown and there’s a lengthy dream sequence and a couple mammals going out a window and plummeting to their deaths.

But Milligan makes the whole thing feel everyday. The comic’s about a–you guessed it–girl named Simone. Her family’s awful, so’s the town and she’s fifteen and stuck there. So her self-awareness generally hinders more than helps.

Though this issue ends on a big moment, the rest of the issue is rather quiet, even when she’s doing something loud. It opens in a flash forward, about two weeks after the majority of the issue; I’m guessing the series will fill in the difference. It’s a big open, but even it’s a little quiet.

Fegredo’s artwork is wonderful, giving Simone’s reality a lot of grim, but occasionally showing comfort.

It’s a great read.

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