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Age of Bronze (1998) #9


The issue ends with the good guys (at least, it seems like they’re the good guys) setting sail for Troy. I can’t say “finally,” because Shanower never really gave a timeline for when the war was to start. This issue is the first where the long lapses in time seem to affect the characters.

It opens with Achilles arriving. Shanower plays it as a comedic scene (for a while), which brings a moment of levity before the denseness sets in. Besides a lot of political stuff, there’s Achilles meeting his father for the first time in… an extended period. Again, Shanower needs a cast list—I didn’t even remember Achilles had a father.

There’s the seeds of betrayal regarding a priest (whose prophesies seem to be repeats), there’s the High King revealing victory will have its costs—there’s word Helen, the kidnapped, is soliciting troops for Troy.

Shanower’s started rolling.

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