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Age of Bronze (1998) #8


Shanower needs to include two things. First are maps. He moves all over the place; each issue should end with a map. Second is a cast list. He’s got this one character returning after being gone three issues. It’d help if a cast list reminded the reader of characters and their histories.

Otherwise, it’s a fantastic issue, probably the best so far. With Odysseus, Shanower has finally found a worthy protagonist for the comic. The issue opens with him departing home, saying goodbye to wife and child, bringing the long missing human component.

Then Shanower does another one of those jumps in time. This issue is now almost two years since Helen was kidnapped, so probably a year passes at some point during this issue. The passage of time needs work.

Regardless, the series is finally coming together. Shanower is even working on the faces–Odysseus is very distinct and recognizable.

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