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Age of Bronze (1998) #7


Shanower fast forwards approximately nine months and opens with the birth of Achilles’s son. No one knows about Achilles and the girl, everyone still thinking he’s a girl too. It’s somewhat extraordinary and doesn’t work in Shanower’s realistic retelling. Achilles is such a jerk, it’s also unlikely sometime in the nine months he wouldn’t have gone off the handle… as he does at the end of his scene.

No Helen or Paris, but Shanower finally gets around to presenting the political argument for the war. It’s an issue late (and the time period—why everyone took nine months off between this issue and last is problematic) but it’s a neccesary scene.

The last part of the issue is the introduction of Odysseus. Shanower handles the scene rather well (it’s nice to get someone heroic instead of not).

Great art here—though the faces still look alike.

It’s a strong issue.

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