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Age of Bronze (1998) #4


Shanower constructs the plot of this issue well. It keeps the reader engaged–the focus moves from the unidentified Helen to Paris to other people around them, only becoming linear at the end. Shanower saves the big reveal–Paris is disobeying his father out of selfishness and is about to start a war–for the last couple pages.

The form lets Shanower get away with not having any character moments. Since Helen is unidentified, her sequences are more for effect. As the issue ends and Paris reveals himself to be stubborn, selfish and stupid, there isn’t enough time to reflect on it. Shanower moves on. The hero of the first issue has become the villain of the fourth.

Again, Shanower attempts sensual art and it just comes off as flat and somewhat creepy. And the people still look basically the same. Otherwise, the art’s great.

Shanower does a lot here.

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