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Age of Bronze (1998) #5


The combination of everyone looking alike and Shanower being deceptive for emphasis really plays in this issue.

He opens with Helen’s two brothers coming home to find her missing. They look like Paris, only with facial hair. At least their identities are quickly revealed.

The problem comes with the rest of the issue, which doesn’t really concern Helen and Paris. Instead, it’s about someone’s mother. Now, Shanower is very quiet about the identity of the character for those readers not versed in ancient Greek literature.

It seems like it could be Paris because of some of the details and because this issue’s mystery mom looks just like Paris’s mom, only with some makeup on her cheeks.

It turns out the mystery kid is Achilles, who becomes another central character. Shanower writes Achilles as a more obnoxious version of Paris, only for the other side.

It’s still good, it’s just muddled.

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