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Age of Bronze (1998) #3


Shanower seems to have worked past his problems now. The protagonist is no longer Paris, who is developing more into a villain (due to lack of intelligence) and the issue is better for it. Having Paris, with his fantastical history, works against making the book feel real.

Instead, Shanower moves the focus–for some of the issue–to Hektor. Hektor is thinking, feeling–his first scene is reuniting with his mother and siblings; it grounds Age of Bronze with real emotion. A lot of time goes toward ominous foreshadowing and moments without are welcome breathers.

This issue has a fantastic flashback–done with more cartoon-like art–to fill in some backstory. Shanower mixes the two styles seamlessly.

I’d always heard the series is a big deal; this issue is the first to show its potential.

Though, and I hate to say it because I love the art overall, all Shanower’s people pretty much look alike.

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